August 30, 2016

Puppy FAQ’s


Below is a little overview of our process and your steps to success!

Step 1: Puppy Application - Dood, fill it out!  We need to know why you want a dood and we need to hold your dood!  Once your application is approved a deposit is required within 10 days of approval.

Step 2: Puppy Selection Process - Dood, you probably have questions and we have answers!  We select your food based on your application preferences.  At an early age we can start to see personality traits and we will do our best to match your preferences.

Step 3: Puppy Check Out - Dood, you finally made a decision that you want one!  Please go to puppy check out and make the proper payment and we will put you on the wood list!

Step 4: Puppy Pick Up - Dood, it is the eighth week, time to get your pup!