April 13, 2016

Forest Hill’s Aussie Boys

Forest Hill's Aussie Boys

Riverbend's Island Lyrics

My name is Lyric but owner says my registered name is Riverbend’s Island Lyrics.  Not sure why my name is so long but it is probably because I am so handsome!  I traveled to Massachusetts from Ohio, where I was born.  I am a medium Australian Labradoodle that is caramel with white markings.  My owner tells be I am proven stud!

Raisdoodles Manchester Red Sea (Manny)

Hi, my name is Raisdoodles Manchester Red Sea but you can call me Manny for short.  I came from the United Kingdom.  I am a red boy with a brown nose.  I am really fast and super handsome!  I love to steal toys from my friends so they chase me around the yard.  I live with a guardian which is pretty cool!

High Country's Manchester Ledge

Hi my name is High Countrys Manchester Ledge but people call me Ledge for short.  I was born in Washington and came to Massachusetts by boat . . . I mean plane.  My owner tells me my name comes from the town we live in and that our terrain is a lot of rock.  I guess that makes sense.  Also, I live with a guardian which is pretty cool!

Big Rock's Cincinnati Red (Bentley)

Hi, my name is Big Rock’s Cincinnati Red.  I moved to Massachusetts from Alberta, Canada.  Alana from Big Rock Labradoodles was my first owner but I am here now.  I was 6 months old when I crossed the border, luckily there was not a wall, just a plane, a car, some people and . . . wait, what was I talking about?  Anyway, my new owner says he has family in Canada but I am not sure what that’s to do with anything!

Forest Hill's Dante Inferno

My name is Dante and sure love to parti or is that I am a parti?  I was born at Forest Hill Doodles so I am pretty special.  I live in a guardian home but visit my friends at Forest Hill a lot.  I am a medium Australian Labradoodle.

Lucky Country's Mountaineer

My name is Boone but my registered name is way longer!  I drove up all the way from North Carolina.  I hope to grow up to be a big stud!  I should grow up to be 65 lbs and I am dark chocolate.