July 15, 2018

Forest Hill’s Aussie Girls

Aussie Girls

Country N' Talikridge Miley

My name is Miley but my owner says my name is Country N Talakiridge Miley at Forest Hill, that is a mouthful!n I flew all the way from California where Liz from Country Labradoodles used to take care of me.  I came to Forest Hill when I was 12 weeks old and have been here ever since.

Country's Freedom and Independence (Lola)

My name is Lola but my registered name is Country's Freedom and Independence.  I am what the call an up and comer.  I hope to be a big girl and reach 50 lbs.

IvyLane's Fame and Fortune (Frannie)

Hi, my name is Frannie but people like to call me IvyLane's Fame and Fortune for short . . . Anyway, I came to Massachusetts from Pennsylvania, coincidentally one of the other Commonwealths of the United States.  As you can tell, I am very regal and know my history!  When I am not reading up on history, I like to chase my brothers and sisters and hang out with my owner.

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