July 15, 2018

Forest Hill’s Aussie Girls

Aussie Girls

Country N' Talikridge Miley

My name is Miley but my owner says my name is Country N Talakiridge Miley at Forest Hill, that is a mouthful!n I flew all the way from California where Liz from Country Labradoodles used to take care of me.  I came to Forest Hill when I was 12 weeks old and have been here ever since.

Tampa Bay's Red Sky (Necco)

Hi, my name is Tampa Bay's Red Sky.  My owner calls me Necco.  I was red as a puppy and now I am caramel. I came to Massachusetts from Florida.  In Florida Mark and Karen took care of me at Tampa Bay Labradoodles.

Shafaer Meadows Mayan Angel (Maya)

My name is Maya and I am an angel.  My coloring is caramel ice, sounds pretty cool!  I was born on February 2, 2017.

IvyLane's Fame and Fortune (Frannie)

Hi, my name is Frannie but people like to call me IvyLane's Fame and Fortune for short . . . Anyway, I came to Massachusetts from Pennsylvania, coincidentally one of the other Commonwealths of the United States.  As you can tell, I am very regal and know my history!  When I am not reading up on history, I like to chase my brothers and sisters and hang out with my owner.

Country's Freedom and Independence (Lola)

My name is Lola but my registered name is Country's Freedom and Independence.  I am what the call an up and comer.  I hope to be a big girl and reach 50 lbs.

Forest Hill's Always Wearing Lulu

My name is Lulu.  I am what they call an up and comer.  My family says I should be a puppy model because I am so cute and sweet.

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