April 13, 2016

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Mother Nature has sent us a sign! Necco and Maya are pregnant!

Necco and Maya are expected to give birth sometime in mid December and puppies will be going home in mid February.

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Winter 2018

Shafear Meadows Mayan Angel (Maya)  x Big Rock’s Cincinnati Red (Bentley)

Maya and Bentley will have large medium to standard size puppies.  The puppies will be varying shades of caramel on the lighter side.

 Tampa Bay’s Red Sky x Riverbends Island Lyrics

Necco and Lyric will large mini to medium size puppies.  The puppies will be varying shades of caramel.


Thank you for your patience!

 If you have submitted an application, we will be following up to confirm.  You will continue to receive an automated email with updates until you opt out of the email.  Thank you for your patience and interest!

(Updated: November 16, 2018)

If you would like to reserve or have questions about a pup, please contact us at info@aussiedoods.com.