April 13, 2016

Available Forest Hill Doods

Welcome to Forest Hill Labradoodles!

Litter Pending Mother Nature: Maya and Boone!

Upcoming Litter!

Honeymooned in late May, expecting in late July, go home in late September.

Shafear Meadows Mayan Angel (Maya)  x Lucky Country's Mountaineer (Boone)

Maya and Boone will have large medium to standard size puppies.  The puppies will be varying shades of chocolate.

Litter Pending Mother Nature: Miley and Boone!

Country N' Talakiridge Miley x  Lucky Country's Mountaineer (Boone)

Pending Mother Nature!

Miley and Boone would be a repeat pairing.  Their puppies were gorgeous, in fact we kept one!  The pups will be large medium to standard size puppies ranging from 50-65 lbs.  We are really excited about this litter!  Puppies should have a wavy fleece coat and the litter should be chocolate and a chocolate and white parti.

Upcoming Litter: Frannie and Lyric or Dante!

IvyLane Fame and Fortune x Riverbends Island Lyric or Forest Hills Dante Inferno

Frannie and Lyric or Dante will large mini to medium size puppies, 30 - 40 lbs.  The puppies will be varying shades of caramel and chocolate and white parti.  The puppies will have a wavy fleece coat.

Thank you for your patience!

 If you have submitted an application, we will be following up to confirm.  You will continue to receive an automated email with updates until you opt out of the email.  Thank you for your patience and interest!

(Updated: February 9, 2019)

If you would like to reserve or have questions about a pup, please contact us at info@aussiedoods.com.