May 1, 2017

Big Rock’s Cincinnati Red (Bentley)

A little about Bentley

Hi, my name is Big Rock's Cincinnati Red.  I moved to Massachusetts from Alberta, Canada.  Alana from Big Rock Labradoodles was my first owner but I am here now.  I was 6 months old when I crossed the border, luckily there was not a wall, just a plane, a car, some people and . . . wait, what was I talking about?  Anyway, my new owner says he has family in Canada but I am not sure what that's to do with anything!

ALAA Registration: ALAA-053455

WALA Registration: WALA00008276

DOB: November 2, 2016

Height: 24"

Weight: 60 lbs

Coat Color: Caramel

Coat Type: Fleece

Eye Color: Brown

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