July 14, 2018

Forest Hill’s Everyone Loves Cupcakes

A little about Cupcake

My name is Cupcake.  I am what they call an up and comer and getting ready for my first litter.  My family says I should be a puppy model because I am so cute and sweet.  A lot of my siblings qualified to be service dogs so I think I am pretty special.  I like playing hide and go seek with my owner.  I stand in the kitchen, some goes and hides.  I then track them down and give lots of kisses.  My owner says that is service material . . . whatever that means!


ALAA#: ALAA-077048

DOB: February 25, 2019

Height: 22" (estimated)

Weight: 50 lbs

Coat Color: Roan Chocolate and White Parti

Coat: Fleece

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