September 27, 2016

Guardian Program



Our Goal at Forest Hill Labradoodles is to breed the best dogs possible.  To breed the best dogs possible you need a lot of dogs in your program so that you can diversify and continue the healthy breeding of the Australian Labradoodle.  The Guardian program is a unique opportunity to have a "breeders choice" puppy.

How it works:

To start, the program is only available to families within 50 miles of Forest Hill Labradoodles.  It requires the dog to remain in tact and we require that the dogs come back for visits so that he/she can be assessed to meet the standards of our breeding program.  Once your dog has completed the Guardian Program, he/she is yours with no strings attached and we will pay to have he/she neutered/spayed.

As a Guardian, you agree to have the dog in a safe and secure environment.  If you have another dog in your house, it must be neutered or spayed.

As a Guardian, your dog will be required to participate in our breeding program for 2 to 4 litters.

As a Guardian, you agree to go to the Vet that we bring all of our dogs to.

The dogs breeding medical costs are covered by Forest Hill Labradoodles.

For more questions, feel free to contact us or fill out an application.